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Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Steadfast Progress in Occupational Safety, Continuous Improvement Towards a Healthy Workplace

In November, Taiwan Fu Hsing was honored at the awards ceremony for the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Sustainable Performance evaluation, hosted by the Ministry of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The company received an S-tier rating (highest tier) across various evaluation categories, placing it in the same league as industry leaders like Cheng Loong, Asia Cement, and President Chain Store as a company exemplary in occupational safety. Additionally, in December, the company received acknowledgment from the Department of Health, Kaohsiung City Government as an awardee in the Health Group category of the Workplace Employee Health Service Promotion Program. This underscores Taiwan Fu Hsing's achievements in managing and promoting occupational health and safety. 

Dec 20 2023

Honored with Ministry of Culture's Arts & Business Awards for 8 Consecutive Years

On November 16th, the 16th Arts & Business Awards ceremony was held by the Ministry of Culture at Taipei's Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. Having already claimed honor for three consecutive terms previously, Taiwan Fu Hsing continued its award-winning streak by clinching two awards this year. In addition to securing the Silver regular award, the company also received the special recognition with the Corporate Culture Award for its “Fu Hsing Arts and Minds” (福興有藝思) employee arts and culture project.

Nov 16 2023